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My tenant has disappeared without giving me an address, and hasn't paid his last three rents. What can I do to find him ?

As long as you know his date and place of birth, we can help you find him and recover your rents.

Who can apply for a global Pouey offer ?

Any commercial or professionnal entity focused on its development, competitive environment, suppliers or wishing to reduce its client risk factors.

I need very specific information. Can you help me ?

Pouey can provide specific answers to specific demands. We can match our offers with your needs. Please contact us for more information.

How can I access my account ?

As soon as you become a Pouey client, you will receive your personal id/password to access our client website www.pouey-online.com. From there you can view and print out all your account informations.

How will I be informed about the state of my files ?

Our client website www.pouey-online.com will enable you to manage all of your inquiries, debt collecting files and contracts online 24/7.

Who is Pouey ?

Pouey is an expert in client relationship management and can help you reduce risk factors in the following four areas : clients, suppliers, prospects, and competitors.

If my clients aren't able to pay me, what happens ?

If you apply for a guaranteed credit line (for a duration of 4 months to 1 year) and the informations we provide turn out to be wrong , we pay you back the guaranteed amount in less than 30 days.

How can I apply for a global Pouey offer ?

We are aware that your company and its needs are unique. Please contact us, we will be able to define with you a contract matching your needs.

In which countries is debt collecting possible ?

Any country, except the ones involved in a conflict.

How can you manage my credit line ?

We have so much confidence in the informations we deliver that we can guarantee your credit lines : that is, if our informations turn out to be wrong, we pay you back if your client can't.

Why should I apply for a global Pouey offer ?

Pouey will help you make the right decisions, by letting you use its financial toolboxes and softwares, and by its expertise. This will in turn lower your financial expenses.

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