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Business Information

With its remarkable technical and human resources, Pouey International is today one of the leaders in business and financial information in France and for export:

  •          Continually updated database of over 8 million businesses
  •          BODDAC, INSEE, INPI licenses for up-to-date official information
  •          A network of 950 representatives in France and abroad
  •          Experienced teams of analysts, appraisers, legal experts and actuaries. 




Instant scoring et credit limit of French businesses 
Access, on line, financial and legal information on any business and its solvency, expressed in degree of vigilance, calculated on the basis of  3 reference scores with expert opinion, and get a credit limit. 

Mapping of the portfolio's risks 
SCOREMAP map your businesses portfolio, based on a combination of 3 analyses:

  •          Risks connected to the company's financial situation;
  •          Risks connected to its external environment (competition, area of business, export, regulations)
  •          Classed business failure risk.

You thus instantly identify the businesses with risk in your portfolio and can take precise action, thanks to our continual updates.  

Monitoring of French businesses

You are informed in real time of any new event concerning the French businesses you have selected (legal notices and privileges) 

An in-depth, tailored business and financial appraisal

We assess the solvency of any business based in France or abroad and follow up its situation annually. We provide you with a quantity of information that gives you an insight into the business' history, its environment, its administrative and financial characteristics, its solvency and that of its management.

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