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Information on private individuals

Get all the information you require on private individuals (pre-rental appraisal, checking of CV, solvency appraisal, etc.) with our network of 950 agents.


Search for persons who leave without leaving an address
We investigate to locate persons who have left without leaving an address in France and abroad.


Simple and in-depth solvency appraisal
We appraise the solvency of a private individual in respect to a recovery procedure.


Certified assets appraisal
We can identify the real estate assets of a person in France or per French service.


Search for heirs
Search to determine heirs and the notary's details.


Pre-rental appraisal
One of our 650 agents in mainland France visits the prospective tenant to check his situation by means of a questionnaire.


Checking of surety
We check the information given by the person setting up a surety.


Checking of Curriculum Vitae
We check the veracity of the items listed in a Curriculum Vitae.

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